RIP Muhammad Ali. An inside look at the funeral services for the late, great fighter.

RIP Muhammad Ali. An inside look at the funeral services for the late, great fighter.

“He was sure-footed in his self-awareness, secure in his faith, and he did not fear death.” – Lonnie Ali

The world was shocked by the surprising death of one of the greatest/most influential boxers of all time last week.

Muhammad Ali was the prime example of a proud black man that would never allow the color of his skin hinder his success or taint his views of the world. An amazing fighter, husband, and father has done diligence here on this earth and it was only right for the world to say farewell with the appropriate home-going service.


The funeral service for the great was held last Friday, June 10th in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. People gathered for about 20 miles, following Ali’s hearse as they chanted his name.



13 different eulogies were given, 2 being by famous comedian Bill Crystal and for President of the United States, Bill Clinton. The rest given by his widow, children and friends. Will Smith and Mike Tyson, also in attendance, acted as  pall-bearers for the service.


HIs influence will be passed down to the next generation and for every other generation to come. His greatness as not only a fight, but as an activist will forever be remembered as a ay for Black people and other minorities alike to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

RIP to the legend, Muhammad Ali.

Jun 10, 2016; Louisville, KY, USA; Hundreds of fans line the streets for the funeral procession for Muhammad Ali as it makes its way past his boyhood home on Grand Avenue in Louisville Mandatory Credit: Alton Strupp/The Courier-Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK ORG XMIT: USATSI-271266 ORIG FILE ID:  20160610_jla_usa_300.jpg



  1. Totally agreed. He will be remembered by many for more than what he did in the ring. His life will serve as an inspiration for many young black boys and girls alike as it is doing for so many of their parents.

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