Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney Keep It Casual in "FourFiveSeconds" Video

The legendary Paul McCartney has been busy between co-producing with Kanye West and now giving an assist to Rihanna for the new video “FourFiveSeconds”. The video has a very authentic feel to it as the three share camera time in a straight forward visual that forces you to focus solely on the music. Not flashy or over the top, but a subtle creativity that still keeps you far from the land of boredom. Why did they choose the classic route? Rihanna bodly states “Denim never goes out of style. It’s classic. It’s iconic — just like the f*cking Beatles.” Sidenote: that was a reference to the iconic Paul McCartney for those who were unaware of his legendary status. Also, keep an eye out for a potential tour in 2015, not saying it IS happening but also not saying it can’t happen…soon.

Check out the video below and catch some behind the scenes footage that we got a glimpse at leading up to the release.

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