Riff Raff on Having Fun to Stay Authentic + Throws $45K Rolex Around the Studio & 5 Fingers of Death

With his forthcoming album Peach Panther coming out on June 24, the infamous Riff Raff joined Sway in the Morning earlier this week.

Starting the interview by rattling off his long list of nicknames, Riff Raff shows Sway the watches he’s rocking on both wrists.  Revealing on is a Rolex with a lifetime warranty he casually tosses it on the ground before Sway throws it across the studio to DB.

Moving on, he candidly speaks on people threatening him with extortion due to his cash flow.  Changing his number often, he blames the hate on his flossidexity, but don’t worry, he explains what it means.

During the remainder of his interview, he opens up about his relationship with Diplo and Mad Decent and speaks on his weight fluctuation.  Before leaving, he candidly speaks on fun being his authenticity and freestyles over the 5 Fingers of Death.  Check out the interview above.

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