Riding Into The Future On The Union Motion “Phase Type 1” Electric Motorcycle

The automobile world has changed quite drastically over the last few years. The electric designs of the future have certainly become more prevalent, and today we get a look at a new model that is aiming to challenge classic design and aesthetic. Today we take a look at the Union Motion “Phase Type 1” Electric Motorcycle. The company unveiled their first prototype recently, a nice bike that aims is both eye-catching and functional. The builders stated, “We want to challenge the trope of nostalgic and aesthetically led custom motorcycles by encouraging others to experiment with the awesome possibilities offered by electric powertrains.”

The motorcycle rocks a 6kwh battery pack which can be easily removed for replacing and charging purposes. The battery also features a sixty-mile range, and as the company stated: “After a little trial and error, we settled on a conventional motor location, echoing the final drive output of the original engine.” They spoke more about their creation stating “The phaser type 1 started life as a ‘98 Fazer 600. We got it as a rolling chassis, just frame, forks, swingarm, and wheels. Once de-tabbed, the double loop frame made a great base for experimenting with battery location and drivetrain layout.”. The ride is constructed from aluminum while a stripped down tank makes for a low profile approach. This machine is the next level of E-Bikes and certainly adds a nice choice for the future. Check out the outstanding design below and head over to Union Motion for more information!

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