Ride Into The Future On The Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike

The world is changing, quickly, and thanks in big part to technology. With that being said, e-power is taking over the transportation world, and today we get a glimpse into the future. The Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike could just be the ride of future and offers up much more than just an easy, effective way to travel. This unique E-Bike features smooth design qualities with innovative engineering to match.

Constructed from a black carbon fiber frame, the bike is both lightweight and sleek and features an award-winning ultralight motor that is good for a 30 km range. The most outstanding feature of the bike is the 4-in-1 battery pack. The pack powers the pedal assistance while also being a state-of-the-art speaker system with two USB ports so you can charge your devices. The pack also features two air quality sensors that will analyze the air around you and suggest the appropriate route. Next level! Have a look at the Noordung in the photos below and learn more about the bike immediately, right here!

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