Ricky Schroder On Showing the World What Happens in Afghanistan From Our Soldiers Point of View on “My Fighting Season,” Having Footage Reviewed by the Pentagon + Story of Alfonso Ribeiro Saving His Ass

From child star to documentarian, Ricky Schroder is shining a light on what our soldiers are experiencing on the ground in Afghanistan. Debuting Tuesday night, “My Fighting Season” is a 6 part docuseries that is filmed on cameras attached to soldiers overseas.

Before getting into the series Schroder pulls out a his phone to show Sway a picture of him and Alfonso Ribeiro who he co-starred with on Silver Spoons. Opening up about their relationship he tells a story of Ribeiro saving his ass after he got into a small altercation at the Toyota Grand Prix.

Moving into the show he prides his work in being accurate and truly depicting life on the ground in Afghanistan. He breaks down seeing scenes where soldiers were not able to take down their target because they had to get permission that took too long. During this talk he breaks down the military’s rules of engagement. When asked about the footage he receives Schroder opens up about the Pentagon combing through things to make sure military tactics are not revealed.

He candidly speaks on asking families of fallen soldiers permission to use their picture to tell their story. Going through a sizable amount of gruesome footage he speaks on where he stands on military issues and the politics behind war.

Watch the full interview above and check back to AT&T’s Audience Network on Tuesday for the premiere of “My Fighting Season.’

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