Ricky Schroder Breaks Down His 110 Days In Afghanistan Filming "The Fighting Season," Getting Shot At, Taliban Cutting People's Fingers Off For Voting, Not Being Able To Interact With Women & Much More!

Known for his up-beat, childhood work on the ’80’s TV series “Silver Spoons,” Ricky Schroder has recently been devoting his time to a much different cause.

Teaming up with friend and owner of Patrón Tequila, John Paul Dejorio, Schroder has jump-started his own documentary series titled “The Fighting Season.”  The documentary follows Shroder who spends 110 days in Afghanistan where he covers everything from U.S. troops, the recent election, Sunni and Shia rule and much more.

Joining Sway In The Morning, Schroder takes us through his time in the Middle East, detailing what he did during down time, being shot at and not being able to interact with women.

Speaking on the state of Afghanistan, Schroder believes that there is hope to be able to bring the East and the West back together, he credits this upcoming success to the digital age and the use of the internet in modern society.

Check out the full interview below to hear Schroder talk about his amazing work.  “The Fighting Season” will air for the next 4 Tuesday’s on Direct TV and will also be available on iTunes soon.

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