Rick Springfield Discusses Meryl Streep's Incredible Performance in "Ricki and the Flash," Still Getting Checks for "Jessie's Girl" and Making Sacrifices in his Career

Musician, actor and Grammy Award winner Rick Springfield wears many hats and wears them well.  Taking some time promoting his new movie “Ricki and the Flash” he joins the Sway in the Morning studios to speak on working with Meryl Streep and so much more.

With his 18th studio album coming out at the end of the year and current best selling book Magnificent Vibration out now, it’s astounding that Springfield had the time and energy to star in a movie.  After Sway jokes about playing his infamous his “Jessie’s Girl,” Springfield speaks on still getting royalty checks 34 years after its release.

Working with one of the worlds greatest stars Meryl Streep, Springfield discusses the difficulty of portraying a musician and learning to look comfortable on an electric guitar, a performance that he and DB believe is more than worthy for some awards.

Check out the exclusive interview below and follow Rick Springfield on Twitter @rickspringfield.

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