"Richer or Not", There Ain't No Stopping Snootie Wild

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Ain’t No Stopping Me is Snootie Wild latest mixtape. And in his latest track release off of that album, Snootie is testing everyone that’s trying to stunt, are you rich or not? Because he sure as H*ll is going to do his thing, whether he’s richer or not.

Spitting a fire hook:

“Richer or not, richer or not / They tryin’, they tryin’, they tryin’ to knock me straight off the top /

Look at the charts”

Snootie continues,

“I’m knocking these niggas out spots /

Richer or not /

If we get richer or not”

Although many of you may know Snootie Wild as the hit maker of “Yayo” — which became a major club and street banger, and trap star anthem; The Memphis rapper has moved on and up with this latest track.

Take a listen to the heat not, below:


On his 3rd round of linking up with Sway to talk, Snootie joined in on the studio to discuss the definition of “Go Mode,” his charity work and the importance of listening to all types of music. Listen to their chat, below:

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