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RhapSoDani Talks Highlighting African American Graduations, Success Stories at TheRoot.com + Weighs In On Azealia Banks Recent Zayn Malik Rant

The Root is an amazing online platform that highlights the success of African American culture on a regular basis. While it’s always impressive to see what our favorite artists are doing, it’s just as important if not more so to celebrate those who are excelling in the education world as well. “Not everyone gets to be Beyonce but everyone has an amazing contribution to the world.”

Danielle Young (@RhapsoDani) stopped by SITM recently to discuss more about what The Root is motivated by, continuing to highlight graduations but not shying away from issues in the community like depression or single motherhood. All are equally as important, it’s great to have such a great heart behind the direction of that platform.

Check out the full interview above and listen as she weighs in on a few topics with Tracy G.

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