Review: Strictly 4 My D.U.M.P.E.R.Z. – Tha god Fahim and Jay Nice

Review: Strictly 4 My D.U.M.P.E.R.Z. – Tha god Fahim and Jay Nice

In 1993 Tupac Shakur released a timeless album that created a sub-culture of music speaking to niche audiences within the hip-hop community called Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. In that 25 year span, several artists from the likes of Pastor Troy to Bodega Bamz have released a Strictly 4 My project. In my opinion, those projects paid homage to the great that is Tupac, but it also let fans of the rappers that were up to the challenge know, that this was a dedication to like-minded thinkers. Fast forward to 2018, the trend continues with Tha god Fahim and Jay Nice releasing Strictly 4 My D.U.M.P.E.R.Z.. Before you dismiss it as just another pile on to a hip-hop trend and can dig into the content, you will understand that this album can stand on its own from the quality of the beats and its wordplay. It is something that we are missing in a cloud of mumble rap. Plainly put, this shit is hard!

Tha god Fahim is a relative new-comer to us but has certainly peaked our interest with this debut. Jay NiCE first came on our radar through the Immobiliare project with Left Lane Didon, who is also featured S4MD. The project sounds like a nice mix of a classic Wu-Tang and Onyx. The project also features JLVSN, a producer who is really starting to crack the seal JLVSN.

The entire project is available now on all streaming services. Some standout tracks are “Hanzo Dagger”, “B2G$” and “Mob Era” featuring left Lane Didon and Mach-Hommy.

This weekend in Delaware the music festivals will be taking center stage. Fire Fly is becoming a staple on the festival circuit, but you can catch Jay Nice, Fahim, Left Lane and a host of others killing the stage at Phonicpalooza. Get your tickets asap. All lineups look crazy.


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