Review: My Unapologetic Black Thoughts Is The Most Zoetic Album This Year

Review: My Unapologetic Black Thoughts Is The Most Zoetic Album This Year

This review is long overdue, but worth the wait. Some albums you can listen to once or twice in a day and come to a quick conclusion because it lacks layers of depth. But, My Unapologetic Black Thoughts is the 7-layer cake of content that Hip-Hop needs. Milwaukee often gets overlooked when talking about the top cities in rap, which is likely deserved as we have not seen many big names for Giannis Antetokounmpo to rock with. However, one would be remised not to mention the duo of Streetz-N-Young Deuces who have been carrying the flag for years. I liken these two to Jack Frost from Philly or Lil Keke in Houston – the rappers that don’t get the notoriety that they should. But those that know, know! And now the duo has been testing the waters with individual projects. We should all be thankful for that experiment because it derived this powerful project, My Unapologetic Black Thoughts by Young Deuces.

Reverting back to a climate where rappers would consciously address what is going on in our communities and push for activism instead of complacency. This album touches on all injustices committed against people of color in the last few years from extreme racism, police brutality and oppression in general. But the album doesn’t wallow in the self pity of the circumstance, as it also amplifies and motivates black excellence.

The entire project is solid from end to end. And in my humble opinion is right up there with Pulitzer Kenny’s To Pimp A Butterfly. Some of the tracks that set this project apart from other music out now are “Martin-Malcolm” which toggles back and forth between the dichotomy passive versus aggressive nature.

Relapse” has Young Deuces creating a visualization of obsession with money and power from the rap game. The wordsmith kicks off the rhyme with this prayer:

“Lord please forgive me,
Addiction has overcame,
A fiend for money and power,
I’m victimizing the game,
I’m inching by towards the flame,
I’m wobbling on the edge,
I’m moving fast,
Something like Carlton on his meds”

This album is certified and is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the track list below:


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