Return of the Snowman: Young Jeezy Announces November 13th Album + Brand New Single “GOD”

Young Jeezy was just heating up the New Releases category around Memorial Day weekend but apparently the Snowman has more to say in 2015, this time with a more concentrated focus. After penning a very honest open letter to fans addressing the current state of our nation and more, Jeezy announced we would be getting a brand new album November 13th.

Wasting no time behind the personal note, he quickly followed up with what appears to be the very first single entitled “God”. Carrying over the tone from the controversial (yet really dope) track “Holy Ghost” which featured Kendrick Lamar on the remix, this direction has clearly been on his mind for some time now. Glad he is giving it to us before the year end.

Check out the open letter as well as the brand new single “God” below:


Jeezy part 2

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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