Retreat & Relax At Bahia Blue In St. Martin

Retreat & Relax At Bahia Blue In St. Martin

Summer is here, and vacation is a must. It is only right, the weather is warm, and it is time to break away from reality. Today we get a look at Bahia Blue, a stunning retreat that offers space for eight, doing so with four stunning bedrooms and four bedrooms. The home offers a blend of grays and whites for a visually appeal aesthetic. The pool and patio features a great chance to enjoy for fun in the sun, offering some beautiful views in the process.

The house is warm and welcoming and has a continuous transition inside to outside. The living spaces offer plenty of luxury and detail, as well wood-like tiles, river pebbles, and Epi wood flows throughout. There are two infinity pools, one upper and one lower, which are connected by walkways. There is a hot tub as well, while covered terraces and a thatch roof gazebo provide ample outdoor seating. The bedrooms are connected by walkways, while rooms interconnect making it perfect for families. The villa sits on a secluded piece property with an added privacy. Check out the eye-catching villa below and plan your stay at Bahia Blue immediately.

Photos provided by Luxury Retreats

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