Residents of Flint Michigan Continue to Battle Contaminated Water Situation

Residents of Flint Michigan Continue to Battle Contaminated Water Situation

Flint, Michigan has been the center of the media’s attention for weeks as the water crisis continues to grow.  Tracing the problem back to 2014 when the city decided to cut costs and cut ties from Detroit’s municipal water supply and began using water from the Flint River.  Without the proper treatment, the city’s water began to contain traces of lead back in September.

With lead and rust levels reaching an incredibly unsafe level, the attorney general,Bill Schuette, has released a statement concerning the bathing of children.

“I would certainly not bathe a newborn or infant in Flint water”

During the same press conference, Schuette announced that two new investigators would be looking into the Flint Water Crisis.  Former Wayne County prosecutor Todd Flood and retired Detroit FBI chief Andrew Arena will be analyzing evidence to decide whether or not there were laws broken at the state level.

But, along with most tragedies, there are people who are committed to helping out and righting a wrong.  Countless celebrities and athletes alike have joined the cause to donate bottled water to the Flint area. Detroit Lions DE Ziggy Ansah donated 94,000 bottles of water last week, 1,000 times as many bottles as the number he wears on the field.  Also, Jimmy Fallon has pledged to chip in $10,000 to the cause.

The latest offering of help has come from Diddy and Mark Wahlberg-backed water company, AQUAhydrate that have announced their contribution of 1 million bottles of water for the long-term rehabilitation of the Flint area.  With an initial donation of 5,000 cases of water arriving this week, the Southern California brand will be working with Homeland Security, the Red Cross and other organizations to make sure the water is well distributed.

To make a contribution of your own, head to Help for Flint.  If you are a resident of Flint looking for resources please call 211 or click HERE.

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