Remembering the Life and Legacy of Prince, Dead at the Age of 57

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Prince, Dead at the Age of 57

They say legends never die because their soul lives on, a statement that perfectly depicts the spirit of Prince Rogers Nelson. Found dead at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota, Prince had been battling the flu, forcing his private jet to make a unscheduled landing on April 15th.

Prince’s one of a kind demeanor and passion for protecting the art of music set him apart from many others. Staying true to his artistry he lobbied for rights to his music while signed to Warner Brothers before leaving in 1996, one of the first to speak on corruption in major labels. This notion of ownership spanned throughout Prince’s career, most recently speaking out about digital rights to music. He released his final album “HITNRUN Phase Two” in December of 2015 with exclusive streaming rights given to TIDAL. Prince truly cared about the art, a trait that seems to be harder and harder to find in the modern industry. He was a symbol, literally, using ‘the love symbol’ instead of his normal monicker for a period of time

Regarded as the man to start the ‘Minnesota sound,’ Prince’s 1984 movie “Purple Rain” put Minneapolis concert venue First Avenue on the forefront of the music scene. His Paisley Park residence is a Minnesota treasure, often hosting dance parties and events.

Releasing classic albums such as “Sign o’ The Times,” “Musicology,” “Diamonds And Pearls,” and of course “Purple Rain,” Prince’s charisma and loud style paved the way for many artists to come after him. There will never be another Prince and we will cherish his influence on the music industry forever. Below are a few moments that Sway in the Morning guests have spoken on the legacy of Prince + Sway’s thoughts.

“I had the honor of sitting with Prince for 2 hours in a private room in House of Blues with Terry Lewis, Rich Nice, Londell McMillan (Prince’s attorney) and he explained to us not to invest all your energy in to YouTube, he claimed ‘It’s a black hole if you don’t reach out and touch the people.’ This is a man who always fought for artist rights and proprietorship.

What’s most amazing about him is his mastery of his craft. His early album, ‘For You,’ he wrote and composed all songs and played all instruments — 27 to be exact. His music is timeless and his legacy of one of the most talented musicians to ever live, will never die.”

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  1. Prince’s voice and music were amazing. He was an inspiration to so many people. I grew up listening to his music. R.I.P. Prince.

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