Remembering DJ Timbuck2 on Sway in the Morning

Photo via IG.

Earlier in 2014, the legendary DJ Timbuck2 joined us on Sway in the Morning to take over our turntables.

Unfortunately, at the age of 34 after a long battle with cancer, Timbuck2 passed away.
He was a member of the of the Heavy Hitters DJ crew, and according to HHDX, Timbuck2 also toured with Lupe Fiasco, Common and Kanye West, who took to Twitter after learning of his former partner’s death.

“R.I.P. DJ TIMBUCK2,” West tweeted. “He was an amazing person and talent. My prayers go out to his family.” Just Blaze also tweeted about his death calling him his “brother” and was even in Chicago trying to reach out to him at the time he learned of his passing: “In Chicago and was tryina reach @DJTIMBUCK2 as I see this news,” he tweeted. “My god. Awesome DJ. Even better human being. RIP brother.”

We remember him during this tough time. Our whole Sway in the Morning team send our deep condolences to his friends and family.

Take a listen to his Sway in the Morning mix below.

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