Remembering Baby Girl: 5 Aayliah Covers You Need to Hear


It’s almost easy to forget, but Sway’s Universe would like to honor the life of Aaliyah who tragically passed away 13 years ago today. Aaliyah soulful voice and effortless dance abilities marked her as an R&B great at a very young age and her music still lives within many artists today. So, in remembrance of Aaliyah’s music take a look at the top 5 Aaliyah covers you need to hear.  #babygirl
Siren Gene “Are You That Somebody”

Seyvn Streeter “Come Over”

JoJo “One in A Million/Are You That Somebody”

CeCe G An Aaliyah Medley

Brandon Santino “If Your Girl Only Knew”

Check out Beyonce interviewing Aaliyah on the red carpet at the VMAs.

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