Remember His Name, as Lil Durk Makes His Mark: He Explains How He Continues to Make Positive Change in Chicago, Regardless of His Legal Situation + Talks About the Meaning Behind His Auto-tune & Gets Deep with His Lyrics

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

There’s something about the “Derrick’s” in Chicago. It’s a certain light that these “Derrick’s” are holding to guide the path for a better future. Better yet, for a better Chicago.

For example:

#1. Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls — who is leading the team through the NBA.

#2. Durk Derrick Banks — you may know him as “Lil Durk” who is leading the rap game.

In this studio-series, we welcome Lil Durk — who not only graces us with a freestyle, but Derrick sat down for a minute to talk to Sway, Heather B and Tracy G about his album and the current state of Chicago through his eyes.

Lil Durk gets deep and explains why he wasn’t allowed to do shows in his own hometown of Chicago. But further explains how he is making means to mend the bridges and continues to try to make a difference in the community, regardless of his tied down situation with the law.

They say ‘when it rains it pours‘ and after the current loss of his close friend, Lil Durk tells Sway,

We’re doing better. We’re gonna stay working and we’re gonna stay at it. This is what we do; we go in a room, we cry and talk about it. But once we leave that room, it’s work time. Because we can’t let him down, we gotta keep the work going.

It’s interesting to think that half of the time Durk has been rapping, he has either been in jail or dealing with the Police. But thankfully — Lil Durk has found him a right hand man who has kept him out of trouble so far. Chicago native as well, Durk introduces his friend Jason who tells Sway his secret to doing so:

No smoking and no drinking … There have been a few times where [Durk] wants to go off and do his own thing. Where I feel as though, ‘Nah this ain’t the time for that Durk

Jason expands, saying:

A lot of things be going on in Chicago where the Police see him and easily target him, just for hanging out. so to avoid all of that,  just stay in the house or go in the studio.

With his forthcoming album coming due to release on June 2nd, titled “Remember My Name” — it’s crucial for Lil Durk to have that positive energy surrounding him, until then.

Watch the rare smile-filled Lil Durk, sit-down with Sway below:


Lil Durk puts in good effort on his freestyle, talks about Iggy and explains that everyone doesn’t freestyle. The crew also calls out the scared rappers who can’t spit. Peep it!

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