Reggae royalty Morgan Heritage talks generational harmony in Reggae music and Reggae themed 5 fingers of Death

Classic reggae group Morgan Heritage stopped by Sway In The Morning and brought culture and consciousness. The once five-strong group now mainly consists of three. Peetah, Mojo, and Gramps came to the studio and talked being conscious, the importance of heritage, and their latest album Avrakedabra.

Avrakedabra‘s┬átitle comes from the original meaning of the modernly adapted ‘Abra Kadabra.’ The term initially came to existence from Arabic, used by priests to dispel spirits and heal. Morgan Heritage, signed to the label Cool To Be Conscious, explain that they have always felt a need to spread social awareness and stay positive; their method of dispelling spirits and healing is through music.

Their name, Morgan Heritage, comes from their father. Denroy Morgan, a Jamaican-born reggae singer, is most famous for his 1981 hit “I’ll Do Anything For You.” Peetah explained that growing up his parents wanted their children to fully assimilate to American culture and would be upset that they spoke Patois so well. Years later, Morgan’s five youngest children found success in reggae music by staying true to their┬áheritage.

Check out the full interview below to see the three expand on DJ Khaled’s infamous ‘they’ who don’t want you to succeed, praise Sway for having dreads on MTV, tackle the Five Fingers of Death and more.

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