Redman Tells History, Jay-Z and Rips In-Studio Concert Series with Classics + Premieres New Music

It’s extremely hard to describe the invaluable impact that Redman has had on the game but let’s start with: consistent. staying power. true emcee.

It’s a presence that he has whenever he steps into the room that demands the respect of hip hop fans and artists almost in the exact same way. The line gets extremely blurry between the two, even Eminem called into Shade 45 to let him know just how big of a fan he is/was. Such a rare thing to see someone stay in that pocket for soo many years with consistent Gold and Platinum projects, films and be so even keel with a incredible sense of humor about it all. The MTV Cribs episode still brings people to tears laughing no matter how many times it gets watched.

So how do you transition and stay relevant with the times when music is constantly changing? How do you feed a generation that has the shortest attention span ever? How does a true emcee find his footing in that climate? You do exactly what you granted you staying power in the first place and keep hitting core hip hop fans over the head with great music. That is exactly the move with his new project ‘Mudface‘, giving us classic Redman with a “sprinkle of now” just to show he’s still isn’t one to be tested when it comes to bars. Artists of old and new can equally get eaten alive. It’s not a bad gameplan at all, just count up his stats and look back at how he lasted through every single regime at Def Jam before deciding to go independent. Amazing.

One of those interviews that watch back to back thinking “Yo, this is really Redman”…from the casual fan to the hardcore fan, you gotta respect it. Enjoy.

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