Red Light Special EP 9: Drake's Lyrics and Michael Jackson Vs. Prince

Back again with another episode full of solid music conversation, our friends Rob Markman and Kristin Coral invite Bizkit and S Whit into the studio to discuss the allegations of Drake using a ghost writer and an epic comparison of MJ and Prince.

With all the drama going on with Meek Mill and Drake, many people have forgotten the real reason this came about, people using writers in hip-hop.  Rob, Kristin, Bizkit and S Whit give us a refreshing take on how having writers in hip-hop is much different than having a writer in pop music or R&B.

Main points include being crushed if Nas didn’t really write “If I Ruled The World” or Biggie not writing about things that he went through.  Sit back, press play and enjoy the conversation of the Red Light Special.

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