The Red Light Special: Velous Talks About How He Produced "All Day" with Kanye West + Explains What He Brings To The Table That Sets Him Apart

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

We can go all day, all day — with Rob and Kristin.

In this series of “Red light Special,” Rob Markman and Kristin Coral continue to light a fire in the R&B music world.

Rob begins by making sure that the world knows his mission to this podcast. Let the man clearly explain why he chose to do this as he states:

You need to demand more from these interviews. It ain’t just about who you got beef with or who you sleeping with … If we can’t talk about the music, what are we talking about? … And Red Light Special is just that for this genre of music.

Third episode in, the duo brings to the table Velous. If you’re not familiar with his name yet, Rob and my girl Kris will hook you up with this one.


Velous is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer. His resume is impressive and expansive, at that. Spanning from his role in producing Yeezus’ “All Day“; Velous also was a mastermind behind “Gone for the Winter” by Fab; and signed on to French Montana’s: Coke Boys Crew.

This Kingston, New Yorker tells us how he balances singing with being a multi-instrumentalist. He also shares his time with his friend Chinx, before his passing — and expresses the feeling of standing on the stage of this year’s Summer Jam Concert, as he joined French Montana (wildly side-by-side his controversial rap colleague, 50-Cent), as well as the crew to pay their respects to Chinx.

He explains when French hopped on the mic, saying:

Hands up real quick, one finger in the air.

Rest in Peace to Chinx.

Continuing to tell Kris,

I felt blessed…two years ago I was sitting in the nose bleeds of the nose bleeds. Like, I could touch a cloud. It was a dope moment.

Although his resume is indeed, impressive — Velous really opened up on his most pivotal work, to date. He explains his production for Kanye West’s “All Day” and exactly how that came into fruition.

Listen to this podcast in-full to hear gems of information of the current trailblazers and past pioneers in the R&B world:

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