Red Café On If He Thinks He Missed His Moment, Being A Mogul, Bobby Shmurda & Why He Left Brooklyn



Red Cafe stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss his new single “Pretty Gang” featuring Fabolous. Cafe first spoke about if he thinks he missed his moment. Cafe went on to talk about his many successful business ventures and being a real estate mogul. Cafe also gave his opinion on Bobby Shmurda and why other regions are successful in rap because they are having fun. Before he left, Red explained why he decided to leave Brooklyn and why he would never do reality television. Look out for Red Cafe’s first album off of his new Capitol Records deal, I Feel Better Already on Valentine’s Day.

[youtube id=”HN8iIPZn8OQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

  1. hey sway this is cashing out keisha RIP hey are you still doing them auditions can you get one close to dc give me a chance sway ooh i hope you had a bless and safe b day tell m heather you tracy all of yall I LOVE YALL i will always keep yall in prayer

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