Reality Strikes 24 Hours After “Independence Day” as Alton Sterling is Killed in Baton Rouge Following Police Altercation

Reality Strikes 24 Hours After “Independence Day” as Alton Sterling is Killed in Baton Rouge Following Police Altercation

“Independence Day”

24 hours later..after the parades, after the fireworks and after the last plate of barbecue has been wrapped up in foil there we are back to reality. A reality that many had to acknowledge through the recent words of Jesse Williams at BET Awards. But, just in case someone thought that his words were outdated, worthy of being fired (for speaking his mind on a black television network) over or politically incorrect – maybe they should take a look at Alton Sterling.

Tuesday, July 5th, a day after celebrating “independence day” like the rest of us – a 37 year-old black male was killed by police officers in Baton Rouge after they responded to a call stating “a man” was outside selling CDs pointed a gun at someone. The convenience store owner stated they tried a taser before the second officer shot him “four to six times”. He did also mention that he did see police remove a gun from Sterling’s possession after the shooting occurred. Meanwhile, none of the witnesses that were there when he was shot made any mention about Sterling threatening people at gunpoint giving the cops reason to show up based on an “anonymous” tip. Plus, the owner gave Alton Sterling permission to sell his CDs there so why would he do something crazy knowing he has love for both the store as well as the owner?

Baton Rouge 2

The facts are simple: cops got a call about an armed man endangering those in the community, cops arrive and tackle/tase then shoot him and it was recorded. Watch it here and let us know how you feel! Any artist that has EVER sold or given away their own CDs or music should be able to relate. What if you were talking music to a potential fan and the next thing you know you’re being tased or worse?

Hopefully we all use our iPhones and tablets for more than the latest music the next few weeks as news surrounding this story continues to play out.  Hit social media with #AltonSterling x @SwaysUniverse  keep us updated as you find things out…

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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