RDGLDGRN Speak on Working With Pharrell Williams, New Project ‘Life is Worth Living’ + Perform Live

Reston, Virginia-musicians RDGLDGRN have a distinctive sound that fuses different genres including hip-hop, rock and go-go. The trio joined us today on Sway in the Morning as we discussed everything from the group’s initiation, their musical inspirations, and their upcoming album Life is Worth Living.

The trio consists of Marcus Parham (Red), Pierre Desrosiers (Green), and (Andrei Busuioceanu (Gold). They break down how they got their respective nicknames and how they eventually mashed it to make up their band name. “All of our friends had different type of color names and it was kind of just a crew thing . . . and then when we started making music . . . we knew this was that reggae color connection so we understood the importance of the blood, the gold, the Earth.”

The band breaks down how they linked up with Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl. They referenced it as a true collaboration, “They let you know that you shouldn’t be afraid or intimidated by them . . . It was just really human and it felt comfortable.”

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