Ray J Interview: Speaks on Being a Victim of Domestic Violence + Kim Kardashian

Ray J has been in the headlines for many different reasons over the years.  From hit records to reality tv to his relationships, joining us on Sway in the Morning we hear Ray J open up about all these things and what he’s learned over the years.

With “Raydiation 2” on the way, Ray J speaks on his previous experience in the music industry and why he made the transition from being on a major label to working independently.  Speaking on that he also mentions learning from his mistakes and later capitalizing on them to make better work.

From there we hear Ray J discuss his incredible television success putting out 11 shows that have done great numbers over the years.  From Love and Hip Hop to Hollywood Hillbillies to Brandy and Ray J, he speaks on all the money that can be made from reality TV.

Lastly we get some insight about Ray J’s relationship with Princess Love and where it might be going from here.  Check out the full interview and grab his new track “Brown Sugar” on iTunes.

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