Raury shares ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ on new album ‘All We Need’

Raury shares ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ on new album ‘All We Need’

If you thought that your favorite childhood superhero was good, then you’ve probably never heard of nineteen year old Raury; his superpower is love.

Indigo Child Raury is back with a new album that is leading some of your favorite celebrities into his fandom.



A nod to the Beatles, All We Need captures all the feels that one experiences transitioning to their higher self. After being deceived by the “Devils Whisper,” we learn that “Love is Not a Four Letter Word,” and cry “Trap Tears,” through our growing pains. Once stripping away our manufactured outward exterior, we find beauty in knowing that “Peace Prevails” with the love of “Friends,” near and far.

Though newly signed to Columbia Records, All We Need reaffirms Raury’s position as a genre migrant. Much like his earlier works, Raury successfully navigates between alternative folk, rap, rock and electronic sounds on the album without missing a beat.

Complimenting the masterpiece, are friends Big K.R.I.T., RZA, Key and Tom Morello. Together they pick at your psyche and challenge you to question what you thought you knew all while instilling the importance of spreading love.

Vibe out to All We Need here and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Get a closer look at the man behind the melodies as he opens up with us here in our Sway in the Morning Studio.


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