Raury Makes a Trap Anthem from his Pain in “Trap Tears” (feat. Key)

Raury is one of rap’s most intriguing up and comers. He has a knack for blending folk music, R&B and rap in a unique way, and this song may be his finest example of that skill. Off his debut album All We Need, “Trap Tears” contorts itself, at one moment a folk ballad with strumming guitars, and at the next, a true trap banger.

The verses inspect all the pain Raury’s generation faces in ghettos across America, and the hook calls on the rhythm and adlibs of trap-rap. In many ways, the song is an analysis on trap music today, and how, although critics may call it negative and harmful, the energy truly spawns from a place of pain.

Pick Raury’s brain below in his latest Sway Interview

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