Raury Joins Tracy G after Crazy Soundset Performance + Shuts Down Negativity Around Troy Ave

Such a rare combination of youth and wisdom, the 19-year old Raury sat down with our very own Tracy G after giving the Soundset fans a performance to remember. That high energy live show has been perfected on the road from Minneapolis to France, where he had one of his most embarrassing moments but at the same time giving him an opportunity to experience different situations and learned how to adapt quickly still leaving fans with a great impression.

Making that impression a positive one continues to be his main focus with the constant growth as an artist, simply put “if it’s not about getting this music out and to the kids, I really don’t f*ck with it.” On the contrast you have incidents like the Irving Plaza shooting with Troy Ave which brought hip hop some unwanted negative attention, especially when NYPD commissioner claims it was just another instance of the art form glorifying hip hop. But, isn’t that like saying no cops are good because of the ones who use their power to the extreme taking innocent lives even on camera? Hmm…

Check out the interview above as Raury weighs in after a dope Soundset appearance

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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