Raury Helps Us "Fly" Above Racial Violence

Raury Helps Us "Fly" Above Racial Violence

The Darren WilsonMichael Brown situation is still very much so at the forefront of minds and heavy hearts, everyone has dealt with the jury decision in different ways – Raury shares with us his honest thoughts in “Fly”. Immediately following the news that there would be no indictment, the Atlanta artist felt the sudden urge to create something that “is a song of healing, cause after all of the troubles we have faced. That is what we all need… Healing.”

That healing process is ongoing and will take time as those wounds are constantly being re-opened by situations like Eric Garner and many others in the news as well as those without media coverage. However, as much as the negative thoughts regarding racial violence, profiling and injustice continue to cloud our minds we must not allow that to hinder the positivity in our lives.

Raury is helping us with that in this acoustic message entitled “Fly” and it is much appreciated. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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