Ras Kass Speaks on 20 Years of “Soul On Ice,” Father Working for the LAPD and Breaks Down Catchy Vs. Lyrical Rappers + Is the First Artist to Perform Live in our New Studio!

Although Ras Kass didn’t see huge success commercially coming up in the 90’s he is and always will be considered one of the best lyricists of all time. From “Soul On Ice” to “Rasassination,” Ras Kass’ bars always came correct. With “Soul On Ice” coming first in 1996, Rass Kass was surrounded by other top heavyweights in the rap game as albums by The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Mobb Deep and many more all were released.

Now celebrating 20 years of this famed album the California native is planning to roll out two follow up projects in the next year to make it a trilogy. Looking at putting out the next installment, “Intellectual Property” in June, Rass Kass hopes to have “Soul On Ice 2.0” recorded and ready for release next December. Speaking on his come up and dealing with snakes and fine print in his contracts, Ras Kass opens up about how battle rap and rap in general is a whole different game now.

Breaking down his take on lyrical music versus good music or music that’s not lyrical but is catchy and has good energy, Ras Kass makes it clear that if you don’t write your own songs then you’re not his competition.

Growing up outside of LA we hear Ras Kass speak on having a father who worked for the LAPD. After being told that he dresses like a suspect Rass Kass held nothing back in telling his dad that he “sucks white people’s dicks.” Don’t worry, the two have made up since then.

Ending the interview with a brief talk about politics, Ras Kass says that people lashing out at Trump rallies have simply been sitting on resentment for a long time. We also couldn’t let Ras Kass leave without blessing our ears with a live performance. Being the first artist to perform live in our new studio, Ras Kass rattles off hits form “Miami Life” to “Come Widdit” and “Soul On Ice.”

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