Rapper Big Pooh Talks Clearing Samples, Thoughts on Music Streaming Services + Does Lyrical Breakdown of "Augmentation" & Freestyles Live

Out promoting his new EP “Words Paint Pictures,” Virginia native and form Little Brother member Rapper Big Pooh joins Sway In The Morning for an in-depth conversation about sampling, music streaming services and breaks down the lyrics to “Augmentation.”

With an introduction only Sway could cook up, Rapper Big Pooh reminisces on meeting members of Little Brother while in college.  Diving right into the content of his new project “Words Paint Pictures,” Big Pooh gives us the inside track on each line of the first track on his new EP.  From sarcasm about the notion of rappers being drug dealers to detailing the changes in the music industry, “Augmentation” is a smooth cut full of lyrical gems.

Looking at the notion of success we hear Big Pooh speak on numbers in the industry and how numbers can be manipulated to seem like a completely different thing.  Being in the game over a decade we hear advice that Big Pooh gives to aspiring emcees, asking them if they want a hit or a whole career.

With an array of different samples on “Words Paint Pictures,” Big Pooh details his processes in clearing samples and just being up front and respectful to those he’s sampling.  We also hear stories behind different streaming services and Big Pooh’s thoughts on various sites and apps.

Ending things off like any true trip to Sway In The Morning, Big Pooh steps up to the mic to float effortlessly over a beat as he drops some serious bars.  Check out the full interview and freestyle below and make sure to grab “Words Paint Pictures” on iTunes.

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