Ransom Creates His Own "Dynasty" in His Quick Freestyle

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Holler at me if I’m wrong, but this freestyle by Ransom begins with a sample of SNAP!‘s 1992’s “Rythm Is A Dancer” track (Click title to listen) — and it’s not only fitting for a Throw Back Thursday, but definitely for the words he spits in this freestyle, too.

In his latest rhyme to “Dynasty” — Ransom has no remorse, as he freestyles [beginning at 00:49]:

“No remorse after making your Mom strip / Strong sh*t … Of course Imma shine / You could see how often I grind / It’s time to eat / Let’s see which portion is mine

Continuing in explanation of the “Dynasty” he is building, Ransom explains:

You never a threat / I’ve always had a predators rep / Win, lose or draw it’s time to settle these debts

Listen to what he has to say closely, below:


Ransom stopped by Sway In The Morning to address numerous topics that fans may have been wondering about. The New Jersey rapper explained his direction when working on his album, The Proposal. Ransom also spoke on losing his father at the age 5; and taking the tragedy to use it as ammo to work harder, only making him more determined to reach his goal.

Ransom left us with a treat by free-styling live on the show, peep it:

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