Rahzel Jr. creates visuals for his audio revolution "The Culture"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Breaking away from a certain stigma, when your Father is as big of a champion as Rahzel of The Roots (also Thee Beatboxing Legend) — can’t be easy, as you can imagine.

Think about Lil’ Romeo, son of Master P. Where did he go? Or what about Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith; he’s brilliant, yes — but he’s also clearly trying hard to steer away from the stigma of his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Father.

This next one, might just be able to break his stigma as critic’s claim this young bucks’ sound is reminiscent of young Nas — yet, the blood that runs through him comes from Rahzel of The Roots.

Brilliantly named after his Father, Rahzel Jr. understands that nothing gets handed to him. With that being said, he is working hard and determined to create his own path to make a name for himself.

A few months ago, the Junior came through Sway In The Morning to speak on his current status as an Independent Artist. Although he has not inked his signature over any labels quiet yet, his latest track “The Culture” is an audio revolution that is sure to have the labels calling his direct line.

Sway states in his interview:

” This is refreshing man…”

So if you, like myself, understand musics ability to move people and spark change in communities — then, you would agree that the culture of the music world is in need of refreshment. Based in the concrete jungle of New York City (the Bronx to be specific), Rahzel Jr. has successfully created visuals out of genuine concern for this culture. Watch the exclusive Sway’s Universe music video premiere of “The Culture“, below:


Rahzel Jr. raps with success on his mind and the pure intent that he’s on a mission to do this for the culture as he raps:

Wait, I ain’t waiting for no break/You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, considering his Father changed the Hip-Hop culture with The Roots, making them staples in the music world. Thus, it’s in Jr.’s blood. Furthermore, I think it’s safe to say that there’s no need to call him Jr. anymore. Rather, “Rah, The Sun God” sounds more fitting.

Coincidentally, we received under-the-radar news, that Rah’s music video for “The Culture” will be premiering on MTV Jams tomorrow. So set your DVR’s to 12pm, 8pm and 4am; and bare witness as Rahzel Jr.’s vision, becomes a reality.

Let’s reminisce on the interview between Sway and Rahzel Jr. below:

You can pre-order Rahzel Jr.’s forthcoming EP ‘The Culture’ now; stay tuned for the release of his EP.

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