With the announcement of their sixth digital cover featuring Jasmine Sullivan releasing soon, Rae Holliday and Gabriel of stuffflypeoplelike.com join the Sway In The Morning studios to give their two cents on what is fly and what isn’t.

Defining fly and the steps to becoming fly, Rae and Gabriel give Sway the ‘fly’ nod after finding out that he has trended worldwide and also been transformed into a meme.

After asking if TLC were scrubs for soliciting money for their next album, the duo from stuffflypeoplelike.com assess their thoughts on the subject while also covering topics such as Jaden and Willow Smith, Bruce Jenner’s facial surgery, Dennis Rodman, and Mya performing at strip clubs.

Check out the exclusive interview below and let us know what you think of stuffflypeoplelike.com.

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