Quiet Storm reigns again with new “It’s Mobb Deep” track

Nearly two decades after “The Infamous,” the “Quiet Storm” reigns again.

Hip hop legends Prodigy and Havoc jointly known as Mobb Deep released “It’s Mobb Deep” yesterday morning in which they let their listeners know that little has changed since “Shook Ones 2.”

While the track was released as part of Dj Absolut’s #MixtapeMonday series, according HipHopnMore, the duo is in the process of recording a new Mobb Deep album that is expected for release in early 2016. Member Prodigy also took to Instagram last month to announce his single project called “The Hegelian Dialectic,” but has yet to set a release date.

Long time fans have already flooded the social media accounts belonging to Mobb Deep members with heavy speculation about who they think the album should feature.

It’s safe to say that OG music lovers are going to have a very happy new year come 2016, but while we wait, check out “It’s Mobb Deep” below.

Hear Mobb Deep’s opinions on new era hip hop as they chop it up with Sway right here in our Sway in the Morning studio.



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