Quentin Tarantino Fires Back About Black Lives Matter and Police Protests on Sway in the Morning

Video by YSKSK Media

Quentin Tarantino is a brilliant man, writer, director and visionary.  Responsible for some the greatest films to see the light of day over the last few decades, Tarantino is known for pushing the boundaries and creating new and original content.

With his latest film, “The Hateful Eight,” hitting theaters this week, Tarantino stopped by Sway in the Morning yesterday to speak on the new film, his career aspirations going forward and even police brutality.  As a creator and innovator Tarantino has the ability and right to voice his opinions on such matters, his debate on the subject is intriguing and not to be ignored.

Check out the full interview below and get ready to absorb some incredible insight and knowledge from one of the most talented men in the film industry.

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