Pusha T Looks Lyrically “Untouchable” with this Genius Connection

Pusha T Looks Lyrically “Untouchable” with this Genius Connection

Votes have been counted and the campaign is G.O.O.D – Pusha T for President.

Following the announcement that King Push would be taking over the presidential position over at G.O.O.D Music, he immediately began to flex his muscle by linking up with Genius teasing at a new track entitled “Untouchable”. The “lyrics first, audio later” approach is simple yet innovative and with the momentum the popular lyric site has built, it puts even more validation behind his appointed position.

In the past, Pusha T has tossed a few shots here and there in regards to the Baby / Cash Money situation that seems to be ongoing. Apparently he isn’t done as he spits a slick bar or two in the new drop. Then again, maybe we are just reading too much into it being hip hop enthusiasts always looking for the next competitive matchup between music greats. You be the judge.

“I’m aiming at the moguls, why you niggas aiming at the locals?
And rap niggas broke like them, they’re mere hopeful
Still wishing on a star
The last one to find out that Baby owns the cars”

Check out the complete lyrics from “Untouchable” below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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