Pusha T Appointed New President of G.O.O.D Music

In an interview with Billboard, Pusha revealed that he is now the president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music Label. In the interview he says he was on the way to the airport when Kanye called him and asked, “Tell me something. What do you think about being the president of G.O.O.D. Music?”

In terms of his new role as president, Push hopes to take a very “manicured approach,” releasing music more regularly and focusing on the art and fashion aspects of the label as well. He also hopes that this new role will give more breathing room to Kanye, saying “I think we’ll be getting the best out of him, executive producing projects that come from the label from here on out because he gets to really hone in as a producer. I’ll take care of all the logistics, the rallying of the troops, and so on and so forth. He don’t gotta be producer, A&R, rapper and everything.”

When asked about another Cruel Summer type of project, he laughed, “I have that on my mood board.” When asked about his upcoming solo-album “King Push,” he revealed, “What you’re gonna get from this King Push album is something people probably haven’t heard in the past 18 years. I’m just putting it together, aiming for classic material.” Until then, Pusha, euuchh.


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