Punch Blends Erykah Badu with Signature TDE Sound in Latest Track “Gone”

TDE general and lowkey ink dripping mastermind Punch is back from behind the boards into the limelight with his new track “Gone”.

Holding the Obama position in such a successful camp like TDE leaves little time for his own creativity, right? Wrong. We are now 3 for 3 on bangers from the president including “Uninspired“, “Kings“, and most recently “Gone” spanning only a few months. As the flood continues, eventually the question has to be asked – are we going to get a full body of work from Punch or is he going to keep fueling fans curiosity track by track. Whichever way they decide to run with it, nothing in us believes it won’t have a successful end. As Kendrick enters Grammy season with 7 nominations, the TDE team has managed to put itself once again on an entirely different level from its competition.

You know your team is strong when the president is out rapping other artists just for fun, check it out below and keep your eyes locked to his Soundcloud. Chances are, there is more to come in 2016…

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