The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan details stories of his relationship with Malcolm X, Drug Experiments, Thoughts on Government & Music Career

The honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down with Sway for an in-depth, candid and unparalleled conversation about the domestic injustice from our Government towards its citizens, global injustices from our Government, as well as his personal relationship with Brother Malcolm X.

“First of all, Brother Malcolm [X] was my mentor.” Farrakhan tells Sway. “I never knew a more disciplined man. I was very fortunate to have him as my teacher. He was the greatest helper of the honorable Elijah Muhammad.”

“I would have given my life to protect his life, because of my deep love for Elijah Muhammed and him being his top student.”

Unfortunately, there was a time when Brother Malcolm separated from the Nation of Islams due to an aspect of Muhammed’s personal life and choice of women.

Farrakhan continues to detail a conversation with Malcolm that sparked this debacle and why his faith was shaken — which later led to X’s separation.

In Part 1 of their sit-down, Farrakhan also clarifies that he had nothing to do with X’s untimely assassination and shifts focus on the Government and their never-ending attempt to harm The Nation.

“Today, Louis Farrakhan is the voice that Malcolm was.”

Watch below for more and come back to for Part 2 and 3 of this intriguing interview.


During his part 2 sit-down with Sway, the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan opens up about his music career. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, he was a classically trained violinist who traveled and performed professionally.

It’s been 13 years in the making, but his album is finally done. He told Sway that he has features from Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and more! (no word on release date yet.)

He also talked about the moment he decided to put down the violin to learn and lead in the Nation of Islam, influenced by his teacher, the honorable Elijah Muhammed.

In their chat, Farrakhan also opened up about the times he experimented with drugs, like weed, hash and pills — and why he did them. Adding on the first and last time he stole.

Minister Louis Farrakhan is open and quite candid about his thoughts on the Government and how our recent Presidents have handled our country. Watch below as he speaks his mind.


In Part 3 of Sway’s interview with Louis Farrakhan, he delves into the conversation of the music industry, calling record labels “satanic,” and using examples of artists’ influence, like Too Short, Lil Herb and King Louie.

“We take the business over, we become the distributors,” Farrakhan proclaims after being asked how we can change the music industry.

He also explains how the corruption of hip-hop music, record labels, and a piece of our culture going to jail, is influenced by the conspiracy from the Government.

Watch him explain below.

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