Prosecutor Sued By Former Ferguson Grand Jury Member

Prosecutor Sued By Former Ferguson Grand Jury Member

Following a controversial decision not to bring charges against former Officer Darren Wilson in relation to the shooting of Michael Brown, a member of that jury has filed a lawsuit against St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch in order to gain the right to speak about the case.

Only identified as “Grand Juror Doe,” the juror has challenged McCulloch on the basis that knowingly false information was presented to both the grand jury and the public, which may have swayed the decision that resulted in Wilson being let off the hook for the death of Brown.

This comes on the heels of a formal bar complain that has also been filed against McCulloh, which claims that in addition to presenting false testimony he also violated professional and industry guidelines.

Although prosecutors have the ability to proceed without the use of a grand jury, they are sometimes used to gauge whether there is enough evidence for the case to be taken to trial, however the process has recently come under fire for not being entirely factual in relation to evidence and eyewitness testimony. One proposal suggests that voters have the final say in whether these type of juries should remain in use throughout Missouri.

According to ACLU executive director Jeffrey Mittman, We have brought this litigation because the issues underlying the grand jury process are so important to public policy debate here in St. Louis, Mo. and across the country.”

  1. The question is, if there is actual evidence of foul play in the indictment process, will the evidence be resubmitted to a grand jury for TRUE AND FAIR consideration?

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