Producer Rick Rubin breaks down some of your favorite hits on Rap Genius!

Producer Rick Rubin breaks down some of your favorite hits on Rap Genius!

It isn’t quite often you see a heavy hit maker just log on Rap Genius and start breaking down lyrics and lyrics they helped create or fans of. Well, that’s exactly what the legendary Rick Rubin did within the last 24 hours. He annotated songs that he produced and admires, but also threw in some personal behind the scenes memories. Rubin annotated about 64 songs on Rap Genius and you can tell he really enjoyed it! Below you can see some songs he gave input, but the full page is here:

On Jay-Z “99 Problems” Verse 1:
Jay wrote the first verse in about twenty minutes, sitting in the back of the control room. He would just be kind of humming, and we’d keep looping the track, and maybe after thirty minutes he jumped up and was like “We got it!” And he did it ten times, and every time he did it, it was different. Most of the words were the same, but the phrasing was different. He’d written and memorized the words and then was playing with different ways of doing it. It was incredible.

Kanye West “Guilt Trip” on “Yeezus”:
Kanye told me Yeezus was the first album where he was happy with the way it came out.

LL Cool J “Rock the Bells”:
It was never about proving anything, it was just that this is what I like and this is true to who they are. The only reason those first records were so aggressive, it had little to do with me. That was the good music at that moment. It wasn’t because it was that, it was the music. If the best music in that moment was folk music, that’s probably what I would have done first. I mean, I like all kinds of music, I always have, I’ve always listened to all kinds of music.

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