Problem Breaks Down “Life Lessons”: Using Time Valuably, Priorities and More

Jen DeLeon is known for pushing positivity on her platforms and timelines. Today, she circles right back around to sit with Problem to talk about the “Life Lessons” he learned while creating “Chachiville” — from using your time valuably, priorities and more.

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0:41 // Chachiville
1:00 // Taking on a new mentality
1:17 // Making the most out of your down time
1:55 // Misconceptions and priorities
3:33 // Seeing and treating everyone at the same level
4:01 // Most meaningful tracks
5:07 // Triggering emotions with music
5:57 // The new era of listening to music
7:00 // Digging deeper into making music
8:20 // Juggling being a father and an artist career
9:00 // Sacrificing to meet goals

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