President Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report + (Rewind) Sway Has A Presidential Sit Down

If nothing else, President Obama can dish and take a joke.

Joining political satirist Stephen Colbert on his popular Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, Obama briefly took over hosting duties as he grabbed the reigns for Colbert’s popular nightly “The Word” segment, where he playfully poked fun of himself and discussed “To Health In A Handbasket” after declaring “Let’s make this more Presidential” before changing the name of the segment to “The Decree.”

Delivering a faux rant in third person, Obama quipped “Nation, as you know, I — Stephen Colbert — have never cared for our president. The guy is so arrogant, I’ll bet he talks about himself in the third person.”   He added, “Young people don’t watch real news shows like this one,” as “Or fake ones like FOX” popped up on a sidebar next to him.

Following the exchange, he sat down with Colbert for a traditional interview in which he discussed young voters, the current state of the economy, immigration reform and more.

Take a look at the segment below and  #InCaseYouMissedIt, watch as Sway celebrates President’s Day by sitting down with President Obama to discuss same sex marriage, student loan debt, global warming, gun violence, youth unemployment and even Bob Marley here.

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