Premiere: Serius Jones Drops New Video For ‘Money Love’

Premiere: Serius Jones Drops New Video For ‘Money Love’

Serius Jones has been known for his bars for years as a battle rap champion. And while he is still battling like last week’s major win, Jones is proving the stigma of battle rappers not being able to make songs is false. Jones is preparing to release a series of new music and the first up is “Money Love”.

The inspiration behind ‘Money Love’ was a real life hustle situation, in which something I put my all into fell through and caused a lot of pain. When I heard the beat, it just sounded like how it felt… but refreshing. It came to me: ‘I feel in love with money that was my first mistake, cuz everytime you don’t get it then it’s heartbreak’.

Serius Jones

Watch “Money Love” below and be on the look out for more from Serius Jones.

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