Pop Smoke Reached For The Stars With New Album

Pop Smoke Reached For The Stars With New Album

Since Pop Smoke’s untimely death, the world has been waiting for his new music. Pop Smoke was the voice of the Brooklyn Drill Music scene before his passing. When 50 Cent announced he would  executive produce the project, it set the hip hop world in a frenzy. “Reach For The Stars, Aim For The Moon is a well polished and versatile album. It is packed with features and has tracks that’s easily can be be played on the radio with playlist-friendly records. His album is far from the Brooklyn Drill we were accustomed to and instead a fusion of sounds to match with the star studded features. 

The album starts with the Drill sound we were used to with songs like “Bad Bitch From Tokyo” and “Aim For The Moon” feat Quavo. But songs like “West Coast Shit” and “For The Night” softened the sound of the Brooklyn rapper. But Pop Smoke song “44 Bulldog” brings the best out of Pop Smoke as he effortlessly flows over the drill beat. Pop Smoke has his own twist on the Fab and Tamai hit “Into You” with “Something Special” where he shows his growth as an artist. 

Overall this album was well put together but not what many people expected. This album sounds like Pop Smoke’s attempt to hit the mainstream market. More songs aimed towards the female listeners and less of the Drill sound we were use to from Pop Smoke. I enjoyed listening to the album and was surprised with many of the features. “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon”  did just as the title mentioned. 

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