Politics with Mike Muse: No Officers in Freddie Gray Case Charged + Did Donald Trump Indirectly Ask Supporters to “Bear Arms” Against Hilary Clinton?

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In April of last year, you may remember the heartbreaking murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. After the city erupted in anger they vowed there would be action/change, however, none of the officers involved were found guilty on any of the charges. Not to mention, things have flipped as they now seek to sue under the idea that it was defamation of character. So many questions as the seemingly endless cycle of no accountability despite lives lost continues.

As Mike Muse updates us on the Freddie Gray situation, we still have an upcoming election to think about this November and a very important one at that. Once again Donald Trump is in the news making headlines for remarks but this time he may have gone a little too far (we will leave that for you to decide). In an ambiguous comment regarding his opponent Hilary Clinton and the right to bear arms, it seems to many that he was using it to threaten her. Whether or not, he actually intended for it to come across as such – it has to bring a little concern for the thought to even cross his mind.

Take a listen below as Mike Muse dives in to the tough topics bringing information to us all in order to make the best decision this November:



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