Politics with Mike Muse: Fox News Contributor Eboni K Williams Breaks Down the Super Tuesday Discussion as Trump, Clinton Win Big

Video by YSKSK Media

Special guest Eboni K Williams (@EboniKWilliams), Political Analyst and Fox News contributor, joined our in-house expert Mike Muse as the two discussed results from Super Tuesday that provided lopsided wins for both Donald Trump as well as Hilary Clinton.

Trump continues to clean up leading the Republican primary after winning Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont and Massachusetts. While Ted Cruz won Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska with Rubio coming in 3rd place winning only Minnesota.


On the flip side, Hilary Clinton took a commanding lead winning Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia while Bernie Sanders won Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont.



Both, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump gave interesting speeches following their victories but what our special guest Eboni K Williams points out is the impact Bernie Sanders is having beyond the numbers. He is inspiring the nation in a totally different way with a focus on inequality as well as free education. Check out the full discussion below:

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